Members and Donations

In the Hachidori Project, we have the following initiatives;

・To maintain the elementary school which was built in Prey Kjong village in Cambodia

・To create a new industry in the village in order for the villagers to not need to migrate. (Children can then attend school)

・And more


Would you join us in helping Cambodia have a future?

■ Membership Fee

Increments of 3,000 yen / year (e.g. 6,000; 9,000, etc.)

Hachidori villagers 1,000 yen or more / month


■ Membership Benefits

1. Hachidori post card gift to you.

2. You’ll receive the Hachidori News (3 times / year)

3. You can chat on Facebook on the members page


■Application of Supporting Members

Please send the following form first, and deposit the money into the Japan Post bank account as shown below, or you can pay by credit card.


■ Application for Regular Membership

Please contact us by e-mail.

※ Regular members have the right to participate in committee meetings.

If you want to think about the future of Hachidori together, please contact us.


※ The payment date is date you officially join. When the expiration date approaches, you will receive an e-mail announcement. If you are interested in continuing your membership, we humbly ask that you make a payment again.


Hachidori Villagers

We are recruiting monthly supporters of the Hachidori Project called "Hachidori villagers.”


When you donate 1,000 yen monthly for a year, it will equal two months’ salary of an employee who works in the Hachidori Workshop.

When you donate 3,000 yen monthly for a year, it will be enough to support one month of elementary school for a fifth-grade girl at the age of 15.

There was no school in the village when they were elementary school age. Normally such a student could attend a junior high school in third year now. Since the Hachidori School has only recently started, there are still 15-year-olds in the fifth grade of elementary school.

The Hachidori Project aims to have them graduate by staying in school without having to migrate.


Villagers Benefits (in addition to the Hachidori member benefits)

・Hachidori Resident Card

・Original Villagers Button

・Video Letter from Hachidori Village


Benefits scheduled to start in October ♪


Hachidori Member

Hachidori Supporting Member Costs

The annual fee of Hachidori membership is 3,000 yen.

Date of money transfer will be the admission date.

In addition to Japan Post money transfer, it is now also possible to pay by credit card.



In the Hachidori Project, we are looking for financial supporters to help carry out the maintenance of the school and the management of the workshop.

※ In the case of transfers, please bear the burden of the bank transfer fee.

At the time of payment, please send us your name, e-mail address and phone number by e-mail.



Japan Post Bank

Account Name: NPO Hachidori Project

Tokuhi) Hachidori Project

[Branch Name] Nine Hundred and Eight (reading) Kyuu Zero Hachi

[Branch Number] 908 [Type of Account] Ordinary Savings [Account Number] 1041936